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Public Art  - It's our thing - Part III - (City Shift) in Mackenzie Walkway, Blacktown. 2020

I have been collaborating with Alex Byrne in the production of artworks since 2014. Our creative partnership, Barahanos Byrne, was formalised in 2019 and provides a platform to create new artwork that utilises combined skills and image concepts.

City Shift, Mackenzie Walkway came about in response to Blacktown City Council’s laneways public art program and the Blacktown Art Centre’s It’s Our Thing Part 3 project. The project aims were to develop works for local laneways that were inspired by Hip Hop culture and reflected the emergent voice of the Western Sydney Hip Hop Scene.

“We came to this project inspired by the music, performance and collaborative practices of Hip Hop culture. In our individual practices we both draw influence from our immediate surroundings. This collaboration was a great opportunity to create new artwork that utilises our combined skills. Through materiality and imagery we drew from our own experiences using both sculptural and print influences to express our take on Hip Hop culture in Western Sydney. The approach we took in the studio, takes its cues from the landscape, the people, the words, the spaces that are immediately around us. It breaks them down, shakes them up and throws them back together in a way that gives us a picture of ourselves that we hadn’t noticed before…one that acknowledges our past and looks for our future… one that is joyful, adaptable, honest and proud of being here…”

You can find Alex's work at 

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